COVID-19 Emergency – No womans hungry

Who we are?

Casa de Nazaré provides food and housing for dozens of young women who have become addicted to alcohol and drugs, thus developing a therapeutic work so that within 9 months of work, in partnership with an assistance network of doctors, psychologists and families, young women can return to ordinary life, look for work and become participatory in the community to which they belong.
Hundreds of young people over 20 years have been helped by our organization.

Coronavirus Effects

This work has been significantly affected by the Coronavirus, in such a way that Casa Assistencial is temporarily unable to receive more young people and resources are becoming scarce as volunteer employees have become unemployed and without a formal source of income.
The Casa Assistencial needs to continue its efforts otherwise it is at great risk that these women will return to the streets, destroy family ties with their children and lose hope for the future.

How can you help?

We found through this platform a fast and borderless way for financial support to cross the Atlantic without intermediaries.
Your donation in Cryptocurrency will assist Casa Assistencial in:

  1. Provide subsidies to alleviate the lack of money collection in the face of the financial crisis

  2. Purchase of hygiene materials, such as alcohol, gel and masks

  3. Acquisition of food and items which we use in our organic garden (items are sold to the local community)

  4. Forming partnerships with nurses, doctors and other health professionals so that the quality of services to those who need it most is effective

  5. Educational meetings to womans focused on entrepreneurship and professional training, so that efforts are felt in the long term.

Special incentives

As a way to encourage donations, we can carry out the following tasks for donors:
$ 30 or equivalent >>> we will send a thank you email, written by one of the residents themselves.
$ 60 or equivalent >>> we will send a letter to the donor’s address showing the appreciation and benefits of the donation
$ 100 or equivalent >>> we will post a video on our website citing the donor’s name (or nickname) as a thank you

These reward methods are optional, if you choose more privacy, we will not send incentives

Here you can see some adresses to make your deposits

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Some recently published materials, such as resident testimonials, institutional videos